Controller AC hotspot gateway, supporta fino a 330 Access Point e fino a 200 utenti , con metodo di autentificazione multimode, 5 porte Gigabit

Controller AC hotspot gateway, supporta fino a 330 Access Point e fino a 200 utenti , con metodo di autentificazione multimode, 5 porte Gigabit




Support IPV6 Network
The new generation of gateway supports IPV6 network, and solves the enterprise off-site networking access solution. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade and expand the network system, and conveniently and uniformly manage all network equipment and terminal topology maps.

Unified Management, can manage up to 30 APs
Automatically discover and assign IP address: Automatically discover all working APs and assign IP addresses to APs, easy setting, Plug and play.


Unified configuratiom: Configure the SSID, AP password, End user access, AP threshold, restart AP, software upgrade, reset, transmit power and automatic channel adjustment.

Real-time monitoring: Support real-time monitoring AP status, and the AP status information show in the management interface.

Seamless Roamin: Support kvr fast roaming and 5G priority


Enterprise Gateway Router with Gigabit Ethernet
With 5 10/100 / 1000Mbps RJ45 data ports, support PPPoE, dynamic IP, static IP, L2TP and PPTP access technology, it can adapt to various common broadband access methods such as ADSL, fiber, residential broadband.


Support multiple security modes(Guest network, Firewall)
A guest network uses a different SSID from the wireless network that you and your employees access. It's designed specifically to provide visitors with Internet access while keeping your main Wi-Fi network separate and secure. In addition, it supports a variety of
firewall functions: IP port filtering, MAC filtering, URL filtering, port forwarding, DMZ, only allowing users who meet the rules to access the wireless network, and ensuring special network applications.

Support IP QOS
Using IP QoS, we can assign a specific minimum or maximum bandwidth for each computer, which means they have less impact on each other.


Low Power Consumption
Operating power consumption is less than 5W.


Cloud Management
Support cloud platform management, it provide the remote link to login the gateway interface in real time.

SD-LAN Remote Networking
SD-LAN or software-defined local area networking is an emerging technological concept that aims to extend the principles behind SDN and NFV to the “access” or “edge” layer of the enterprise network. The access layer is where users, guests, devices and machines connect to a company's secure corporate network. Use the latest and most secure asymmetric RSA / AES encryption for better security.

Network Overview/AC Management
The new UI interface can view all network usage, support unified management of APs, bridges (CPE), switches, and realize automatic network topology discovery.

LAN/WAN Groups
Support multiple LAN, WAN or WLAN groups for large network configuration and management.

VLAN (Guest Mode)
The gateway can create virtual VLAN network segments to facilitate management of network security, terminal traffic and user access.

PORTAL Authentication
Support multiple authentication methods such as user traffic statistics, charging package settings and print account information

Gateway provides advanced firewall policies to protect network data.

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